Battlefield Addiction

Reconnecting The Family, The Addict, The Community


What is Battlefield Addiction?

At Battlefield Addiction, we begin with the most powerful connection of all, family, to fight addiction strategically and effectively. Our “Family First Approach” reconnects addicts with their loved ones and repairs the disconnect that occurs with addiction. We do so through the application of transformative teachings that enroll and engage family members in the process of healing, connecting, and employing strategies that work. We apply these same “family first” principles to build partnerships with treatment centers, sober living homes and related community entities to create an all-inclusive net of support where real solutions can be made available to all.

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Our Story

“I finally reached out to Angie from Battlefield Addiction. She responded quickly and helped me find a detox facility. She also spent the day coaching me on what to say to my son. 6 hours later I was dropping him off at a detox center.”
Malinda and Josh
“They seemed to know our story better than we knew it. They had been down this road before and nothing we said was a surprise. Having someone who understood what we were dealing with and who was able to guide us out of the mess, made all the difference in the world”
Chris and Lori
“When Battlefield Addiction says ‘We Got You’, they mean it. They were there for every step and continue to be there to coach us as we learn to live in the moment and reconnect with our son”
Kristin and Monty

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