Solution Groups

Our weekly Solution Groups are FUN, informative and eye opening. Drawing nearly 100 families members each and every week, our Solution Groups have become a hot spot for those wanting to learn more about Addiction/Recovery and Transformation as a human being.

ALL are welcome to join, open to the public. Family members, those in recovery, and community members….anyone is welcomed.


Zoom link for solution groups: Tuesdays 7-8:30pm. PST

The original Founder and Visionary for Battlefield Addiction, Art Dahlen, joins us most weeks to share a special message, relatable to all humans, addiction or not. Our solution groups are an integral part of the work we do. Dive in and join us!

“When the calmest place in me, meets the calmest place in you….that’s connection”. – Art Dahlen

“The most beautiful thing is when addiction shows up, and moves a family out of the Ordinary”
-Art Dahlen

The Family’s Battle private FB group-  Join here


Our private group is a community of loved ones who share in this battle. Once you click join, be sure to answer the Q’s so we know that you’ve come to the right place and an admin will accept you.


Have you ever seen so many people squished in a room talking about addiction and smiling/laughing?

That’s how we do it here…