Our Family First approach addresses the multiple problems families face through the following services, programs, and activities:


The best and most effective way we can help a family is through a Private Consultation. This is a complimentary Zoom session with Battlefield Team members, and allows us to get a “snapshot” of the current situation so we can direct families accordingly, based on their situation. Once we have a file on a family, we can begin the process of working with them effectively. This allows us to identify the needs of the family and their loved one and shows us how we can guide the family most effectively through the process.

Why is a consultation needed before we can help or give any advice?

Each case is different, and we must know “the score”, as we call it, in order to even begin. A consultation is just the first step and not an overnight fix. Our ability to help a family is in direct proportion to the commitment that family makes to the process. Our Battlefield team of soldiers are committed to standing powerfully with and for each family, as they create and experience the shift in actions needed for true recovery and reconnection in the family.

Solution Group

Solution Group is one evening a week for 1.5 hours. We average 90 people in each group. Solution Groups are available for all family members of those in our program, whether they are in contact with their addict, are fighting to get their loved one into treatment and recovery, or are a family member who is in recovery, or whether their family member has achieved long-term sobriety, ALL are welcome and can find value. This is usually one of the first steps a family takes as an introduction to Battlefield Addiction. We invite families to come see what we do, what our program is like, and to meet other families whose lives have been changed through our services. Solution Groups are led by our director, Angie Keaty, and discussions are led by Art Dahlen from Rebuild Recovery or other guest speakers who are experts in topics regarding addiction. Topics vary but are always directed toward where true transformation and understanding can occur for family members. Solution Groups are an integral piece in our working with and having success with families. They are where we teach the language and action that reconnect the family, addict, and community. We offer live, online, streaming of Solution Group through Zoom video conferencing for those who are unable to attend in person because of distance or other reasons. We encourage family members to be at Solution Group in person if possible. The fellowship and community that is a part of the live group helps our clients to know they are not alone… There are many others who understand and have gone through similar situations. We are in the battle against addiction together!


The goal of coaching is to walk each family through the process of becoming engaged in the solution, transformed through self-awareness, and reconnected to their addict. Through this reconnection healing occurs, trust is built, and family members become able to hold their addict, and each other, accountable for behaviors and actions that have allowed addiction to take its’ toll. We have found that this approach results in greater success in treatment acceptance, successful long-term recovery, and fewer and shorter-lived relapses.  

*Our motto is “We Got You” and we are available to our families 24/7. They can contact us via text or phone with questions about what to do in any given situation and what steps to take. We don’t want a family to make a wrong move or fail to make a right move. Each family is unique and the steps to take when dealing with active addiction are unique as well. 

Targeted Referrals

We connect families with public and private resources that are available for their unique situation and work in partnership with treatment and sober living providers who share our belief in the importance of a family first approach. Intensive Family Coaching, if recommended, is referred to Art Dahlen, Battlefield Addiction Co-Founder, now Owner/Operator of Rebuild Recovery. If intensive coaching is recommended Angie or a member of Team Battlefield accompanies the family as a liaison and after coaching sessions, she is your contact for support.  

Moms Group Forum

These gems are held every Wednesday at 11 am. Moms join to have a cup of coffee, tea, or a green smoothie. We discuss the topic from Solution Group the night before and whatever may be coming up or challenging for them at this time. Maybe share our takeaways from Solution Group, what resonated with us, what we may need clarification on, even if we are struggling with a concept. This is becoming a day of the week that these moms look forward to, we are connecting on such a welcoming, loving, nonjudgmental, “I’ve been there” level, it is a beautiful thing. Moms that can only be on every once in a while, or moms that are on every week are supporting each other and learning from each other.

Sibling Night Solution Group

Sibling night is a 2-hour special Solution Group, where siblings are encouraged to come and join in. Usually, these special meetings are held during school break times: Spring Break, Christmas Break, or Summer Break, so more siblings may attend with their families. It’s a Solution Group as usual, but on these nights, we get to put special emphasis on the siblings in the family. They have a unique perspective to this thing we call addiction. Their position as the sibling of an addict can be difficult. There are so many different feelings that this group of individuals have:

Abandonment – my parents give more time to the addict.

Anger – you make mom and dad cry and fight.

Resentment – you have stolen many things from me and from our family.

We help diffuse the feelings of anger, resentment, and abandonment. We help them to see that it is the drugs, not the real loved one who is doing this. Compassion is many times what comes out of these sibling nights. The attendees learn that their siblings, while in active addiction, are powerless over their addiction. They learn what it means to connect with their addicted sibling in a way that is not out of hate and not out of sympathy but is out of love and understanding. They can also see that recovery is possible, as they watch their brother or sister regain their lives and become themselves again. These are some of our best nights of the entire year. The changes that siblings make in their understanding of their addicted sibling, even after just one session, is amazing. Many of the siblings look forward to these nights and come each time we have one. All are welcome, as usual, but these special Solution Groups are geared towards the siblings or sons and daughters of those in active addiction or recovery.

Phone Support

Once we know a family, through a consultation and solution group engagement, we are available for families to call or text with questions on what to do, what step to take, or how to handle a situation. Every situation is so unique and so we work to coach family members to make precise and effective moves and avoid the common mistakes that can fuel addiction.

Family Events

Battlefield Addiction hosts several family activities throughout the year. There is a 5k Run for Recovery, a Monthly Partner BBQ , National Night Out and Overdose Awareness in August, The Tough Mudder in September, and the Battlefield Addiction Auction Dinner in October. Also, “Light up The House” is our holiday party in December where we put up a tree, Santa comes for the kids, and we have stations where those in recovery and their families can hand make presents for their loved ones. The community is invited via Facebook, newsletter, and word of mouth to all events.


Our workshops are a powerful way for family members to learn about and get connected to Battlefield Addiction. These are highly recommended by all the families who have attended them in the past. Many of our families come to every one of the workshops that we have. These are very popular and are done a few times a year. Our workshop curriculum is designed to take families into to a deeper level of understanding and discovery of themselves and their addict. We invite families to dive in, take a look, and discover what Battlefield Addiction is all about. During our 4-hour workshops our consultant, Art Dahlen from Rebuild Recovery, condenses weeks of solution groups into a fun but deep and intense evening. This is also a time of fellowship, for and with, the families in attendance and Battlefield Team Members. We have a nice dinner halfway through and dessert after so there is much time to for all to meet.

The Family’s Battle Facebook Page

The Family’s Battle” page is a private group on Facebook for family members only. This is a place to ask questions and connect to our entire Battlefield Community. Every single new person in this group is invited to participate in a 10-minute welcome/intro call with one of our team members. A live call is really the best way we can connect properly and ensure you understand the services that we offer. We try our best not to let you hide in Facebook land. Anyone that has a tie to addiction (not in active addiction) is welcome to join this private page.

Beyond the Battle

Led by Angie Keaty, this group is for those who, like Angie, have lost a loved one to addiction (we welcome loss to suicide as well, if it applies). This group is a place for family members to support each other through the waves of grief that come and pull each other up when the pain is great, while challenging one another to “lean in” to what each person is experiencing and reach BEYOND the pain and into what the experience of loss has to teach. Here we do not believe we need to carry the label of “Grieving Moms and Dads”. Family members are NOT forever broken! They are changed, YES! The experience of such loss brings the deepest kind of pain imaginable, YES! But family members do NOT have to suffer. They can choose to explore the possibility that the experience can open their hearts in a way that only a loss of this magnitude can do. We honor our family members’ memories and seek the “crack in the shades” (Collateral Beauty) for life AND we bring others on this journey with us.

Weekend Workshop Retreats

Retreats will be where a family can really learn, grasp, and practice our way of navigating through addiction. We see much bonding between families that have been, or are in, the fire that addiction can cause. We plan to choose venues that will have accommodations or have accommodations nearby. We are SO looking forward to these retreats; There is nothing like being immersed in this work of personal growth and development, fellowshipping with others who are experience the same, yet unique, challenges that come with dealing with a loved one’s addiction, and taking time to relax and have fun!